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Group Etiquette & Rules

Circular Walks: all walks are circular, unless otherwise stated, and start from the place indicated in the programme.

Public Transport: all public transport times and details should be checked before starting your journey (they may have changed since the programme was prepared).

Dogs: sorry no dogs on rambles (except guide dogs).

Newcomers: newcomers - please introduce yourself to the Walk Leader (that's the one with the worried look).

Clothes: it is recommended you wear walking boots or Wellingtons and bring wet gear.

Summer: do not forget sun cream, drinking water and sun protection for head, ears and neck.

Food: it is recommended you bring a packed lunch and a drink. There will normally be breaks for: a morning drink, midday lunch, and one in the afternoon too. Unless stated in the programme, do not rely on getting lunch time pub food.

Leaders Lead: please do not to walk in front of the leader.

Direction Change: when changing direction on a walk, please ensure that the person behind is aware of the route being taken.

Places of Interest: if you want to visit a place of interest, then ask the leader to stop for a few minutes. Unless on a tight schedule most will oblige.

Leaving Walk: advise the Leader (or back marker) if you wish to leave the party at any point.

Lost: if you get detached from the party the best policy is to stay put because, the leader should eventually notice you are missing then return for you.

Lunchtime Stop: the standard stop is 45 minutes although leaders have the discretion to vary this. A high volume of people eating pub food may necessitate a longer break. Leader may specify the maximum time allowed in the programme  . Before ordering food, please ensure there is sufficient time for it to be cooked and eaten. Unless permitted, please do not eat your own food on pub premises.

After Lunch re-start: it is the walker's responsibility to be on time.

Walkers join in these activities at their own risk

The Ramblers' Association will not accept responsibility for any accident which may occur.