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Lurking on street corners at 3 am may not be common practice for many West Essex members, however, this was the situation when 40 of us waited in the late April gloom for a Swallow coach ride to Gatwick and a three-and-a-half hour flight to the sunny Greek isle of Crete.

Old Mosque and around ... [5 views if clicked]

East side of Chania's Harbour

Photos: Len (and Len; Harry / Harry; Ray)

37_5 P1010238 En.jpg

Chania's Lighthouse

Entrance to the harbour

Photographer: A. Hawkins

37_5 P1010239 En.jpg

West side of Chania's Harbour

Note the White Mountains on high

Photographer: A. Hawkins

37_5 P1010254.jpg

Light Lunch at Chania's Harbour

At one of numerous places

Photographer: A. Hawkins

Chania, on the north-west coast of the Island, was our base. Once settled in our family-run hotel we could begin to enjoy the delights of this fascinating seaside town, dating from Venetian times. The next morning saw most of us in the old centre wandering through narrow lanes filled with Venetian houses and palaces or walking along the harbour, with its old Turkish mosque, city walls and the Bastion of San Salvatore. Some even had time to sample a beer or iced coffee in one of the many cafes along the way.


In the afternoon we experienced our first 'proper' walk in the hills west of Chania, during which we reached a high point overlooking the airstrip at Maleme and Hill 107, the area where the battle of Crete flared up in May 1941. This was followed by an early dinner of fresh sardines at a beachside taverna.

37_5 Venetian.jpg

Wall (plus: Sea Defence, Top, Firkas Garrison)

Arsenali - Customs House ... All Venetian

Photographers: Keith Miller and A. Hawkins

37_5 P1010266 En.jpg

Setting out on Rodopou Peninsular

A 6 Mile walk near its east coast.

Photographer: A. Hawkins

37_5 Crete 2008 027_28 En.jpg

Looking down on Maleme

2 views if clicked

Photographer: Len Banister

37_5 P1010273.jpg

Ramblers on East Side of Rodopou Peninsular

Beautiful Countryside with Stunning Views

Photographer: A. Hawkins

37_5 Crete 2008 041.jpg

Wild Flowers

Crete's best blooms - April and May

Photographer: Len Banister

37_5 P1010276.jpg

A village on the coast

has a nice neat little harbour

Photographer: A. Hawkins

37_5 P1010278A 79 En.jpg

Wayside Shrine . . . [2 views if clicked]

Here, allegedly, for legs recovery

Photographer: A. Hawkins

37_5 Crete 2008 034 En.jpg

Just had sardine dinner at a each taverna

Kolimbari, SE Corner of Rodopou Peninsular

Photographer: Len Banister