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Using a screen size of 800x600 is good for the 640x480 images as this maximises the size you see them, however, a higher resolution screen is recommended for the 2560x1920 images as this gives a much better overall sharpness of colour.

Words and Photography by

Harry Hawkins

The London Loop - Leg 3

A Tree in Stubble

January 2007

The London Loop Leg 3

Uxbridge Station to Moor Park Station

Saturday, 27th January, 2007

The London Loop is a 140 mile walk around London and roughly just inside the M25 (although you do not see it) passing through as many green places as possible such as parks, woods, commons and riverside protected areas.

The West Essex Ramblers covered this in about 10 mile stretches over the winters of 2006/7 and 2007/8.

We followed the path using "The London Loop" by David Sharp, ISBN1854107593, œ13 rrp.

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Some commentary on the photos,

which is also a reflection on the walk

[Road information is just to help identify where we were].


25 IMG_0057 En2.jpg


After Leaving Uxbridge Station it was not long before were on the Grand Union Canal, heading north. We soon came to Denham Marina on our right.


25 TWO LLL3.jpg


Next was Uxbridge Lock and then a view.

[Shortly after this we passed under the A40 Trunk Road].

Denham Lock appeared ahead followed by the lock itself. We stopped for ten minutes for nice tea and cakes in a shop at the rear of the lockkeeper's house.


25 IMG_0062 En2.jpg


The Denham Quarry information board is readable at the highest resolution.


25 FOUR LLL3.jpg


Firstly, gravel pit number 3; secondly, the railway bridge and the Grand Union Canal looking west towards Denham Station; thirdly, gravel pit number 2 which has Hillingdon outdoor activity centre on the far side - hence the boats; and lastly, a fallen tree from high winds in the previous week.


25 FIVE LLL3.jpg


A little more walking until we reached Moorhall Road then we turned left. Those with sandwiches stopped for a bite at Widewater Lock, but most walkers crossed the canal for a drink at the Horse and Barge pub.

The bottom two photos were taken after lunch, slightly farther north up the canal, and show Black Jacks Lock.


25 IMG_0073 En2.jpg


Plenty of water flowed, from the canal, over the weir on our left.


25 IMG_0075 En2.jpg


A tow path bridge over "Troy Cut". Apparently a private, un-navigable cut to the ancient Troy Mill.


25 IMG_0076 En2.jpg


Mine's a pint too!


25 IMG_0077 En2.jpg


There is a bridge above Copper Mill Lane where we turned right, away from the canal, then left into Summerhouse Lane.

Interestingly, the narrowboat on the left has a child enjoying the view, but firmly strapped to the roof! The boat was approaching Copper Mill Lock.


25 IMG_0078 En2.jpg


Now climbing up Park Wood which is just a fifteen minutes from the canal.


25 IMG_0079 2.jpg


For the next half hour, we just had a pleasant walk across fields until we reached Harefield Road. Enjoy the pictures.


25 IMG_0080 En2.jpg


A lone, dead tree in the middle of lines of stubble.


25 IMG_0081 2.jpg


A wood on the other side of the field.


25 IMG_0082 2.jpg


Looking down to the next field. We then climbed gently upwards.


25 IMG_0083 En2.jpg


These horses came to pose nicely and then, at the last minute, turned away!

In a few moments we approached Harefield Road where we paused for a 10 minute break.


25 IMG_0084 En2.jpg


The next 45 minutes was wooded and the photos do not easily portray the scenery. We covered a bit of road, Woodcock Hill and Bishops Wood Country Park. This photo is between White Hill and Batchworth Heath which run parallel to "White Hill" road.

Just another 45 minutes to go.


25 IMG_0086 En2.jpg


[A404 road has been crossed].

A Coal Tax Post, a place where you paid a tax to bring coal into London: this one is at TQ 084 923. (The one mentioned in the book, is at TQ 078 923 , and is about 400 yds away).

Click here for link to a Coal Tax Post locator.


25 IMG_0088 2.jpg


Because of recent winds, another tree impeded our way. Only a small one but we had to climb through it.


25 IMG_0090 2.jpg


We managed to walk around this fallen tree.


25 IMG_0091 En2.jpg


Another 4 minutes and we are at Moor Park Station. It was nice to approach it through the trees.