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Using a screen size of 800x600 is good for the 640x480 images as this maximises the size you see them, however, a higher resolution screen is recommended for the 2560x1920 images as this gives a much better overall colour.

Words and Photography by

Harry Hawkins

Chigwell Station to Harold Wood Station

A view looking north from Havering Country Park

June 2007

The London Loop Leg 8

Chigwell Station to Harold Wood

Saturday, 30th June, 2007

The London Loop is a 140 mile walk around London and roughly just inside the M25 (although you do not see it) passing through as many green places as possible such as parks, woods, commons, riverside protected areas and open farmland.

The West Essex Ramblers covered this in about 10 mile stretches over the period 2006 to 2008.

We followed the path using "The London Loop" by David Sharp, ISBN1854107593, £13 rrp.

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Some commentary on the photos,

which is also a reflection on the walk

[Road information is just to help identify where we were].


25 ONE LLL8 from 40314.jpg


Today was a little dull. It rained at times which resulted in less photographs being taken. The images in picture 1 were taken in March 2004 (all the rest were on the Loop day).

Up from the station is St. Mary's Church, Chigwell (Image 1). Opposite this is Ye Olde Kings Head (Image 2), a place linked to Charles Dickens. We left the village at the top then entered a field where horses often graze(Image 3) to look back at Chigwell across a field (Image 4).


25 DSCN9148 En.jpg


We walked through fields, half way between Chigwell Station and Chigwell Row. Was this grain field? Photo taken looking south.


25 DSCN9149 En.jpg


We walked down Chapel Lane to the B173 (Grange Hill to Chigwell Row). There is a Nonconformist Chapel on the corner, which was converted, in 1804, from the then Clare Hall.


25 DSCN9150 En.jpg


We crossed Chigwell Row recreation ground to get a view of Chigwell Row's All Saints Anglican Church.


25 DSCN9151 En.jpg


Before we crossed Romford Road we took a drink in the woods even though it was a bit drizzly.


25 DSCN9152 En.jpg


[We crossed the Romford Road].

An information board in Hainault Forest Country Park - complete with rain drops.


25 DSCN9155 En.jpg


Sheep in the Rare Breeds Centre (children's farm/zoo), Hainault Forest Country Park.


25 DSCN9156 En.jpg


The route went north through the forest trees.


25 NINE LLL8.jpg


And then we turned right (Image 1) soon passing Hainault Forest Golf Course (Image 2). Another grain field (Image 4), it was that time of year, then the group paused (Image 4) whilst the leader gave some local information.


25 DSCN9160 En.jpg


Two more horse riders passed us by.


25 DSCN9162 En.jpg


A little further on, just before we entered Havering Country Park, we looked down on a westerly view of horses and probably Park Farm.


25 TWELVE LLL8.jpg


We walked through Havering Country Park where these young Giant Sequoia trees bordered the path. The wood, itself, prevented good photo shots of such tall trees. (These images are not in the order we walked past them).


25 DSCN9167 En.jpg


The view north was fine, but it was a little damp.


25 DSCN9169 En.jpg


Rear view of St. John the Evangelist Church, Havering-Atte-Bower. Formerly on the site of a Royal Chapel, but apparently, all that remains is the font.




The Royal Oak pub (Image 1) on the B175 where we stopped for lunch. We turned east off the B175 and the water tower (which is close to the Round House, a grade II listed building) could be seen in the distance (Image 2). Next, views of fields of ripening rape seed (Images 3 & 4).


25 DSCN9177 En.jpg


I think this was by the wooded area on the north side of Pyrgo Park, looking east.


25 DSCN9178 En.jpg


Again, not positive of my bearings, but probably at the path's peak in Pyrgo Park with Trench Pond Plantation in the distance.


25 DSCN9179 En.jpg


A southerly view, probably over Foxburrow Wood. The Queen Elizabeth II bridge is just visible, look under the dead tree's top right branch.


25 DSCN9181 En.jpg


I guess, again, that I was just west of the Trench Pond Plantation, however, it was the Queen Elizabeth II bridge at Dartford that was visible using the zoom lens.


25 TWENTY LLL8.jpg


A view to our left (Image 1) and a view to our right (Image 2), which features the water tower on the horizon, somewhere between Paternoster Row and Noak Hill Road.

[We crossed Noak Hill Road].

Soon, in an urban area, we went down into the deepish dell of Carter's Brook. Here, a small old tree straddled the brook (Image 3) and a much larger one grew over the path (Image 4).

It was not too long before we crossed the A12 and were at Harold Wood Station.