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Top of Page 37_5 DSCN0051 En.jpg

Impressive Mountain Towering Above

Top and start of Samaria Gorge

Photographer: A. Hawkins

37_5 P1010386 En.jpg

Going Down into the Gorge

Start height is 1250 m and 13 km to Iron Gates

Photographer: A. Hawkins

37_5 Crete 2008 106 En.jpg

Crossing the River Samaria

We crossed and re-crossed many times

Photographer: Len Banister

For those wanting or needing the exercise, a ramble was on offer each day of the holiday. 37 of us took the opportunity to walk the Samaria Gorge, reputed to be the longest gorge in Europe. Leaving at 7 pm a coach took us up into the White Mountains and the Omalos Plateau to begin the 11.3 mile (18 km) descent through the gorge to reach the sea at Agia Roumeli. Followed by a boat trip and then a coach ride back to Chania, that day will be an enduring memory.

37_5 Crete 2008 112 En.jpg

Gorge Gap

I think I see water flow marks at 10 feet

Photographer: Len Banister

37_5 P1010446 En.jpg

3 m Gap

The elevated bit saves wet feet

Photographer: A. Hawkins

37_5 P1010423_25 En.jpg

Rock Stratum

2 views if clicked

Photographer: A. Hawkins

37_5 Desertion.jpg

Deserted Church et alia

4 views if clicked

Harry and Len

37_5 P1010429.JPG

Goat up Mountain

Middle of Gorge's Side

A. Hawkins

37_5 Gorgeous.jpg

The Gorge

4 views if clicked

A. Hawkins

37_5 GoingDown.jpg

Going Down

4 views if clicked

Harry and Len

50 P1010404 En.jpg

Alan on Stepping Stones

Earlier part of Gorge

A. Hawkins

37_5 Water.jpg


4 views if clicked

A. Hawkins

It's difficult to visit Crete and not be aware of the long and legendary history of the Island. Those in the group interested in Minoan culture went to the famous site at Knossos and the archaeological museum in Iraklion, both part of an all day coach excursion.

37_5 P1010366 En.jpg

Knossos Site

Near Heraklion

(Fri) Photographer: Rosemary Hawkins

50 P1010373 En.jpg

Lily Prince, painted relief plaster, C.1425 BC

Heraklion Archaeological Museum

(Fri) Photographer: Rosemary Hawkins

37_5 DSCN2387 En.jpg

Museum Show Case

Heraklion Archaeological Museum

(Fri) Photographer: Keith Miller

All good things come to an end and so it was time to fly home. We had enjoyed wall-to-wall sunshine all week and thanks to Yvonne for leading an enticing mix of coastal and inland hill walks. We all had different highlights to reflect on as Del's coach sped us to the final drop-off points. For some it was the spring flowers, the gastronomic delights, the superb views; for others the trip to Knossos and, of course, the mighty gorge. Such are holiday memories. As I finish this 'write-up' I could just eat one (or two) of those pies from Giorgia's Kafenion, as first sampled on that sunny day in the Cretan countryside.

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37_5 P1010470.JPG

Author :

John Juchau


A. Hawkins

Basic MAP showing Walks

29 - Around Chania

37 - Knossos (Fri)

27 - Kailidonia to Kolimbari (Wed pm)

36 - Lakki to Skordalou (Thu)

40 - Monastery to Stavros (Fri)

38 - Samaria Gorge (Sat)

46 - Kelissougeio to Nopigia (Sun)

37 - Therisso to Meskla (Mon am)

CRETE Part 3