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Help Page

If this has not helped you to resolve your query, then please contact me using the form on the ‘Contacts’ page. Either click on this link Contacts or access it via ‘About Us’ on the navigation bar (Menu).


This site has been tested with the following browsers,

if you have any problems using it, please check the suggestions below:

Internet Explorer 9 (IE 9)

To install IE 9 use this link then follow the instructions.                   IE 9

Google Chrome.

To install Chrome use this link then follow the instructions.   Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

To install Firefox use this link then follow the instructions.     Mozilla Firefox


When the green Navigation Bar is rolled over the menu, additional sub menus should appear. If they do not, please try a different browser.

Additional links have been provided on the main pages incase the navigation bar does not work on your computer.



A link takes you to a different place (not physically). It may take you to another page on this website, it could lead you to totally different site or it may give you a larger version of the picture you are viewing.

Text Links:

I have standardised the look of text based links. If you see words underlined in dark or light blue, they are there for a purpose - to give you extra information. Please click on them if you are interested in the particular subject.

Photographic Links:

These take two forms. The first is the same as the text link, but will look something like this 1024x768.

The second requires a little observation. Watch the mouse pointer - if it changes shape as it passes over a photograph, a larger version of the picture will probably be available if you click on it. There may be several pictures.

Viewing Images:

pdf Files:

When viewing pdf files that contain images, particularly on this website, zooming in at up to 400% produces images that are much clearer although you may have to scroll around the document to find them.

Full Screen:

To prevent the Title Bar at the top and the Task Bar at the bottom being displayed, so that an image can use more of the screen do the following:

Press  F11      - for full screen;

         F11      - to restore Title & Task bars

        Ctrl W  - to close photo window. (Hold down the control key then press W).

NB 1 .. This is also good for streetmap and any other programme.

NB 2 .. Once the full screen is in use, if you select another image etc from it, you will not get full screen on the new image. To overcome this, for example, on the Brecon review, select the review then maximise it; select a map then maximise it; select a photo and make it full screen.

Screen Size:

These web pages are designed for a screen size of 1024 x 768 (pixels), however the images may be viewed better as follows:

   Monitor Setup              Image Size

    800x600 .…..…for .….… 640x480

   1024x768 ……… for …..… 960x720

   1280x1024 or larger for 2560x1920

Post Codes:

To find the Post Code of any start point:

Please be aware: although this is useful in built up areas, in more remote areas the Post Code may be for a building some distance away. It will then be necessary to use a map to finish the journey.

Many Sat Navs and Smartphones allow you to select your destination using a map. In this case you could lookup the start point using streetmap, find the location on your navigation device, set this as the destination then select the option to navigate to this point.

Refresh or Reload Page:

All of the main menu pages have a small, green triangle in the lower right hand corner of the page. This will eventually appear on all pages as I update them.

This is a link to our cookie policy. If it is not visible - in a blank area, near the edge of the page, right click then left click  on “Refresh” or “Reload” - the wording depends upon which browser you use. Do this on every page that is not responding properly. Also, if you use the Favourites Bar, it may be necessary to delete the old web address from your favourites, then replace it with this one.

This is necessary because, in order to speed up the surfing experience, computers remember information about pages you have visited. Sometimes they are a bit overzealous.